Astell&Kern AK Zero2: Upgrade of hybrid headphones

Astell&Kern AK Zero2
Astell&Kern AK Zero2

Astell&Kern presented an update of its hybrid headphones with an original combination of different types of drivers.

Astell&Kern’s philosophy is to deliver extremely accurate original sound, which has received high praise from many audiophiles with the results of the first release of the AK ZERO1 in-canal headphones.

AK ZERO2 are professional IEMs made using advanced technology, based on the experience gained during the development of AK ZERO1.


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AK ZERO2 is a headphone with a “Quad-brid” design, based on an advanced array of drivers and a low-noise crossover network, tuned to perfection. Four varieties of drivers, including special armature radiators, a planar driver, a 10mm dynamic driver and a piezoelectric transducer, create a perfect synergy, coming together to form the Quad-brid AK ZERO2, capable of reproducing the pure sounds that Astell&Kern strives to deliver.

The flat isodynamic driver with micro-rectangular diaphragm is a driver designed specifically for high frequencies, which uses advanced technology that allows the use of a planar driver in headphones, despite the great complexity of its manufacture in such a small housing. A light but strong planar membrane provides a clear and dynamic response at high frequencies.

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Two balanced armature radiators deliver a perfectly balanced rich sound, specially tuned for each frequency range, which reproduces great sounds.

The 10mm speaker used in the AK ZERO2 is manufactured with the utmost care using a fully automated process. This allows the speaker to reproduce rich and deep low frequencies.

An additional piezoelectric transducer works with the speaker to act as a super tweeter that reproduces the extremely high frequencies that many IEMs struggle with.

The ultra-finish crossover network provides the perfect balance between six drivers with different sonic characteristics, maximizing each of their acoustic properties and creating a balanced, cohesive sound.

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