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Astell&Kern Odyssey: The new word in hybrid headphones

Astell&Kern Odyssey
Astell&Kern Odyssey

Astell&Kern in cooperation with the Empire Ears brand released new in-canal headphones. The novelty impresses with the number of emitters and the technologies used, and is considered the best solution for the new flagship of the A&ultima SP3000 brand .



Empire Ears is an Atlanta, Georgia family-owned business with 30 years of experience in acoustic engineering and manufacturing spanning the medical, consumer and professional markets. Each headphone is handcrafted to the company’s high standards. The culmination of the brand’s development is the development of headphones that combine not only armature and dynamic emitters, but also electrostatic and bone conduction emitters.



A&K has worked with several different brands over the years, including Jerry Harvey and Campfire Audio . They are becoming a rarity for IEM collectors around the world and A&K hopes to continue this tradition by creating a new team with the renowned Empire Ears brand. With this new collaboration, A&K have released the Odessey, available for a limited time this year.



The Astell&Kern Odyssey is equipped with a patented Quadbrid system consisting of dual W9+ subwoofers, 5 balanced armature speakers, dual electrostatic speakers and a W10 Bone Conductor driver. The synX 7-band crossover network and EIVEC MKII Engine harmonize all 10 drivers of the Quadbrid system, ensuring perfect coherence and synchronization throughout the excellent frequency range from 5Hz to 100kHz.



Empire Ears designs and manufactures several of its own drivers rather than outsourcing them to other manufacturers. Developing their own custom high-performance drivers allows them the freedom to develop cutting-edge technology unfettered by industry limitations or trade-offs. Odyssey is a proof of concept of the incredible engineering thought of Empire Ears.

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