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Audeze CRBN: Electrostatic headphones with carbon nanotube membranes

The predecessors of the Audeze CRBN series of electrostatic headphones (pronounced Carbon) are the Smrtimage medical headphones. Audeze worked on them in collaboration with Professor Mark S. Cohen of the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine, the Institute of Neurology and Human Behavior. Semele, as well as by SMRT Image.

Smrtimage technology was needed to improve the conditions for MRI examinations. In addition to the possible claustrophobia of the patient in the installation, it suppresses the noise up to 120 dB, which cannot be compensated for with ordinary headphones – metal conductors are unacceptable in MRI.

Therefore, Audeze developed and patented a push-pull electrostatic driver based on an ultrathin film, the conductivity of which is provided by carbon nanotubes evenly embedded in it. On the basis of this driver with a frequency response of 15 – 40,000 Hz, CRBN headphones are created.

These are open-back, oval-shaped headphones with soft memory foam leather ear cushions and a redesigned carbon fiber headband. The novelty is equipped with a special premium cable and travel case. As for the source, CRBN headphones are fully compatible with all 580 V STAX amplifiers. In Russia, CRBN headphones will appear in September 2021.

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