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Ausounds Au-Flex ANC: Wireless Headphones with Full-Size Sound

Ausounds introduced a new hybrid planar dynamic wireless headphones of Au, the ANC’s the Flex . The novelty is equipped with 10-mm drivers, supplemented by an 8-mm diaphragm, sounding mid and low frequencies. A planar emitter with two coils is hidden in a metal case.

Ausounds Au-Flex ANC - $ 200 Wireless Headphones with Full-Size Sound

According to the developers, the combination of magnetic planar and dynamic emitters provides “a sound like a wired one and a stage like a full-size $ 1,000 headphones . 

Ausounds Au-Flex ANC - $ 200 Wireless Headphones with Full-Size Sound


As the name suggests, the Au-Flex ANC Wireless Headphones feature Active Noise Canceling technology. It is reported that activating the ANC mode practically does not change the frequency response of the headphones. The rechargeable battery will last for 15 hours of continuous operation without recharging (10 hours with the noise canceling mode on).

Ausounds Au-Flex ANC wireless earbuds are priced at $ 200.

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