Baseus AS01 headset with panoramic sound technology costs only $15

Baseus AS01
Baseus AS01

Baseus presented the AirGo AS0 1 wireless headset, which can now be purchased for 107 yuan ( ~$15).

The device is equipped with a 10 mm dynamic driver and supports 360° panoramic sound technology. There is an active noise reduction function and a pair of microphones designed for directional sound technology. The headset connects to the signal source using Bluetooth 5.3 wireless communication .


The built-in 40 mAh battery is enough for 6 hours of battery life, and when using a charging case with a battery capacity of 400 mAh – for 25 hours. Ten minutes of charge from the network will provide the headset with two hours of battery life. The device is connected to the network using a cable via a USB Type-C connector .

The AirGo AS01 headset is made in white color and has a low weight of 4.6 grams.