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BOULT Astra Neo: Stylish gaming headphones for only $42

BOULT Astra Neo
BOULT Astra Neo

BOULT has recently launched the Astra Neo TWS headphones, specifically engineered to cater to the gaming community. These headphones are not just aesthetically pleasing with a design that appeals to gamers, but they are also equipped with features and technical specifications that enhance the gaming experience.

The highlight of the Astra Neo is its pair of large 13 mm BoomX bass speakers, which are capable of delivering deep and immersive bass, perfect for gaming. These speakers support multiple codecs to ensure compatibility and optimal sound quality across different devices and games. Additionally, the Astra Neo headphones boast a low latency mode of just 40 milliseconds, making them ideal for gaming, where every millisecond counts for a seamless and synchronized audio-visual experience. The headphones utilize Bluetooth 5.4 for wireless connectivity, ensuring a stable and efficient connection to the gaming device.

BOULT Astra Neo

BOULT Astra Neo

A standout feature of the Astra Neo headphones is the Zen Quad Mic active noise cancellation system. This advanced technology promises crystal-clear sound by effectively filtering out background noise, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their gaming environment without distractions. Moreover, the headphones are designed with IPX5-rated moisture protection, safeguarding them against sweat and light rain, making them suitable for intense gaming sessions and outdoor use.

The Astra Neo headphones are equipped with a battery whose capacity, while not specified, enables an impressive total of 70 hours of playtime when combined with the included charging case. This case features an innovative design with RGB backlighting, adding to the overall gamer-centric aesthetic of the product. Additionally, a quick 10-minute charge can provide up to 100 minutes of usage, ensuring gamers can quickly get back into action.

Set to hit the market soon, the Astra Neo TWS headphones are priced at INR 3,499, equivalent to approximately US$42. This competitive pricing, coupled with the headphones’ specialized features for gaming, makes the Astra Neo a compelling option for gamers seeking an immersive audio experience without breaking the bank.

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