Bowers & Wilkins PI7 S2: The second generation of the popular TWS headphones

Bowers Wilkins PI7 S2

Bowers & Wilkins is working on the second generation of its popular TWS headphones PI7 , which will receive the S2 suffix to the model name. The design of the Bowers & Wilkins PI7 S2 headphones has not changed much, with the exception of two new color variations – dark blue and light purple options will be added to the black and white finishes. Otherwise, at first glance, the second generation is practically no different from its predecessor.


The storage and charging case still has a large LED and a button that activates a unique function – the Bowers & Wilkins PI7 case can be used not only for storing, carrying headphones and as a charging station, but also as an audio transmitter. The case always remains connected to the headphones via Bluetooth and can stream music to the earbuds. It comes with a cable to connect the charging case to any source, such as a home system. With a high probability, this functionality will be inherited by the Bowers & Wilkins PI7 S2 model.


It is reported that the novelty will be equipped with dynamic emitters with a diameter of 9.2 mm and three microphones on each earpiece. The active noise reduction system will be updated to the ANC Adaptive version with support for cVc 2. Support for aptX, which was also implemented in its predecessor, is announced, including the aptX HD and aptX Adaptive versions. It can be assumed that the new generation will support a completely new version of the aptX Lossless codec, but this is just an assumption.


Also, the headphones will be equipped with special sensors that automatically pause music playback when you remove the PI7 S2 from your ear. Similar functionality has already been implemented by competitors, for example, in Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones. This can be an advantage, especially in everyday use. Bowers & Wilkins PI7 S2 battery life is rumored to be increased from four to five hours, and with the capacity of the backup battery in the case, it exceeds 24 hours.

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Information on the price of the Bowers & Wilkins PI7 S2 headphones and the possible timing of the sale is not yet available. The previous model was offered in Europe for 399 euros.