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Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2: Best Noise Canceling Headphones right now

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2
Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2

Bowers & Wilkins has released a new premium wireless headphones with active noise cancellation – Px7 S2 .

Music professionals around the world trust Bowers & Wilkins to create the most detailed, natural and immersive sound possible – True Sound , the way the artist intended. The new Px7 S2 , which succeeds the award-winning PX7 and is the latest in a highly successful line of premium audio quality-focused headphones, has been designed with the same philosophy in mind.

They sound like nothing else

The Px7 S2 is built on an all-new acoustic platform designed to deliver unparalleled high-resolution sound. They are based on newly developed, 40mm drivers specifically designed to meet the demands of headphone listening. They provide ultra-fast response, allowing them to faithfully reproduce every nuance of a piece of music while maintaining extremely low distortion, meaning a more accurate high-resolution representation. The drivers are carefully angled inside each earcup to ensure a constant distance relative to the listener’s ear from every point on the surface of each cone, again creating a more natural and immersive soundstage.

Px7 S2 combines this advanced speaker configuration with Qualcomm’s aptXTM adaptive wireless technology to automatically optimize music streaming from compatible phones, tablets and computers. Combined with the powerful DSP developed by Bowers & Wilkins , this guarantees outstanding 24-bit high-resolution audio quality from the right streaming services. USB-C and 3.5mm cable connections are also supported , both of which are included with the headphones.


Excellent noise isolation

Bowers & Wilkins engineers have worked tirelessly to improve the noise canceling performance of the Px7 S2 . The Px7 S2 uses patented Bowers & Wilkins -optimized noise reduction technology to effectively suppress unwanted noise without sacrificing musicality. Six advanced high-quality microphones work together to deliver the best results: two measure the output of each speaker, two respond to ambient noise from the outside world, and two deliver exceptional voice clarity with enhanced noise cancellation. The careful placement and angle of these microphones enhances sound quality even in the noisiest environments.

Easy use

The Px7 S2 also delivers a new breakthrough in usability: it’s the first headphone to work directly with the Bowers & Wilkins Music app . The app can be used to pair the Px7 S2 with a mobile device, fine-tune the sound with an adjustable equalizer, enable or disable the noise-canceling transparency mode to let in more or less sounds from the outside world, and finally control the headphone’s battery level. In a future update, the app will add the ability for users to stream their music of choice directly from their mobile device to their Px7 S2s.Physical controls on each earbud are also included, allowing full control even without an app, while users can also use the Px7 S2 to easily launch their phone’s voice assistant with the touch of a button. With 30 hours of battery life, the Px7 S2 can play an entire day of music – and more – on a single charge, while a 15-minute quick charge is enough to give you up to seven hours of extra listening time.


Premium looks, premium finishes, superior comfort

The Px7 S2 is available in three elegant finishes: grey, blue and black, each with additional details. An all-new design and profile has been meticulously designed for comfortable, extended listening, with a slimmer overall shape, lighter weight and more luxurious ear cushions with improved memory foam that fits your ears perfectly – for maximum comfort, no matter how long you’re listening. Commenting on the release, Stephanie Willems, Brand President of Bowers & Wilkins , said: “I’m incredibly proud of our new Px7 S2 headphones . They are extremely comfortable, beautiful to look at and sound great. They are the perfect way to take Real Sound with you wherever you go . ”

Brand new Px8 headphones coming soon

Interestingly, the all-new Px7 S2 is just the first new headphone model from Bowers & Wilkins for 2022. Later this year, the company will launch a new flagship Px8 model priced at £499/€599/$549 . Designed without regard to cost, this reference wireless model takes Bowers & Wilkins headphones to a whole new level of premium design, luxurious materials and sound quality.

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