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Campfire Audio Mammoth & Holocene: A new epoch in hi-fi

Campfire Audio has presented new models of armature and hybrid headphones , as well as another limited edition of its flagships with an unexpected collaboration.

Campfire Audio Mammoth – solid sound


Bold and Vivid Sound Mammoth offers an amazing combination of bright sound and technical power. These are headphones that you’ll turn to over and over again as they bring in pure power to take your favorite recordings to the next level.

Your favorite tracks are given new life with an expansive soundstage and meaty frequency response. Hunting new tracks and returning to old favorites is a new thrill with Mammoth. Its pristine sound immediately draws you in with its incredible presence, triggering a flow of endorphins every time you listen.

Milled aluminum housing, separate armature drivers for twee and midrange, 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver, proprietary stainless steel sound guide, ‘Smoky Glow’ MMCX cable.

Campfire Audio Holocene – a new era in hi-fi


Named for the current geological era, the reinforcing headphones promise fast and layered sound, rich detail, and the reference speed of sound resolution.

Holocene is equipped with a separate radiator for high frequencies, two balanced armatures are responsible for the mid and low frequencies. These drivers are integrated and optimized with the proprietary 3D printed acoustic chamber design. This harmony of driver and design delivers a truly new listening experience.

Milled aluminum housing, separate armature driver for high frequencies, two drivers for low and midrange, proprietary stainless steel sound guide, beryllium-plated connectors, ‘Smoky Glow’ MMCX cable.



Campfire Audio Solaris are legendary headphones from the brand, each generation receiving rave reviews for sound and a bit of criticism for size and cost, while remaining at the top of audiophile preference. Recognized around the world, SOLARIS is now reborn in collaboration with Astell & Kern .

The special BA driver, specially designed for AK SOLARIS X, is smaller than its predecessor used in existing models and provides greater performance. Combined with Campfire’s patented Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (TAEC) technology, the new driver also offers smooth and extended treble. A second armature driver delivers rich midrange performance, while a dedicated 10mm dynamic driver optimized for camera with polarity adjustment reproduces deeper and more accurate mid and low frequencies. Each earbud has a built-in 3D-printed acoustic chamber that allows drivers to deliver the highest possible sound quality for natural and accurate sound.

Campfire Audio Mammoth and Holocene are coming soon. AK SOLARIS X is released in a limited edition of 500 copies and the prospects for its appearance are still unknown.

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