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Campfire Audio Multiverse: A scattering of unique headphones

The American company Campfire Audio , which already quite often pleases its fans with limited versions of its headphones, have surpassed themselves this time. During the week, the Portland team showed off new variations of proven models every day, which received a special sound setting, other complete accessories or a unique design.

Campfire Audio Orion – “Glo-rion” Edition


The legendary Orion reinforcing headphones from Kempfs’ first line of audiophile products.

The accent of the sound of the model is made on vocals and acoustic instruments. Case encrusted with glow-in-the-dark CA logo; Includes Smoky Glow cable and Epoch cover with glowing logo and zip.

Limited edition of 30 pieces.

Campfire Audio Solaris “Shrink Ray”


Loosely translated “Shrinking Beam” from science fiction books and films, which is quite ironic given the size of the standard Solaris.

Solaris Shrink Ray features the improved dimensions and performance of Solaris 2020 with striking Classic Solaris gold-plated aesthetics . Also, Shrink Ray received a special crossover design, which gave them a more immersive sound.

Includes Super Smoky Litz with beryllium connectors, cork case with gold clasp.

You need to have a very fine ear to distinguish between different versions of Solaris, but besides the two mentioned above, we have two limited editions of Campfire Audio Solaris Special Edition and Campfire Audio Solaris Limited Edition in stock .

Solaris “Shrink Ray” released in the amount of 80 pcs.

Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition: Gold “Titanium Series”


The great sound of Andromeda Gold in a new aesthetic. 7 reinforcing emitters in a sleek titanium case; stainless steel sound guide; gold screws and black logo.

Super Smoky Litz cable, leather case included.

Not as stylish, but still sound-relevant Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 in our range.

A total of 30 copies.

Campfire Audio Night Sky 3D


The first model in a limited edition that does not refer to previous CA hits.

Three customized armature drivers in a black anodized case with dark blue accents.

In terms of sound, it claims a phenomenal stage width and speed of sound that bring out the details of contemporary music.

Smoky Litz cable, cork cover. Only 8 copies!

Campfire Audio Onyx


The new name for CA in the line hides the idea of ​​this year’s budget novelties Satsuma and Honeydew. Onyx received a body made of ABS plastic, but this time a hybrid emitter.

A hybrid design with a single dynamic driver and balanced armature delivers powerful bass with just the right amount of treble to give you goosebumps when listening to familiar tracks.

Budget model. The set includes a cover for which there were no epithets from the manufacturer and a Smoky Lite cable.

Released 200 copies.

Campfire Audio Solaris Inlay Edition


The design is guessed by mother-of-pearl shells from the shell as in the Campfire Audio Solaris Special Edition.

3D printed ceramic body for a special soundstage. Groundbreaking sound camera technology Special Edition in a limited edition of 8 pieces.

Super Smoky Litz premium cable, leather case.

Campfire Audio Andromeda King


Roughly finished brass cases, hand polished. Brass cases contain many minor defects that make them unsuitable for mass production, but adds charm to their unique character.

Super Smoky Litz, leather case, 10 pieces in total.

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