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Campfire Audio Saber: In-ear headphones in Damascus steel

Campfire Audio Saber
Campfire Audio Saber

The Campfire Audio Saber in-ear cable headphones got their name for a reason: according to the manufacturer, part of their body is made of real Damascus steel. The headphones will not allow cutting or chopping anything, but the reference sound is promised – it will be provided by a pair of speakers in the Dual DD configuration.

Campfire Audio said the Saber is the first incarnation of its signature hybrid design. Each headphone has two speakers. The D8 low frequency driver is equipped with an 8mm diameter beryllium polymer hybrid diaphragm. The second speaker – D6 – can be considered a tweeter. Naturally, it is smaller, but not much: the diameter of its rigid diaphragm made of a combination of titanium and polymer was 6 mm.


Headphone housings can also be considered hybrid – in addition to polished steel parts, there are parts made of matte black ABS plastic. The cable at the point of attachment with custom MMCX connectors made of beryllium copper forms elastic behind the ear arches. With them, the headphones stay in place much more confidently. The cable itself consists of four high-purity copper conductors and ends with an L-shaped stereo mini-jack.


Everything fits together in a compact canvas case, handcrafted in Portugal. The Saber Headphones in Damascus Steel Meets Compact Comfort Hybrid Design will be released in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. The release of new items is scheduled for December 25, and prepayment is possible now.

In the US, Campfire Audio Saber in-ear headphones will cost $ 450.

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