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CCA HM20: Cheap hybrid in-ear headphones with 8 drivers


CCA has introduced a new model of in-ear headphones HM20 , made according to a hybrid scheme.

Each earphone uses 7 armature drivers : six 50024s and one 30019s , as well as one XUN7 dual-magnet dynamic driver with reduced clearance. The shells of the headphones are 3D printed in epoxy resin, and the outer panels are made of aluminum alloy.


The model has a three-lane design, the separation of the bands is carried out both with the help of a chain of resistances and the selection of acoustic chambers. The kit includes a detachable cable with a 3.5 mm plug and silver-plated copper conductors. The sensitivity of the model is 105 dB , the impedance is 22 Ohm .

The CCA HM20 hybrid in-ear headphones sell for $71 .

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