Cleer Audio Alpha: Full-Size Bluetooth Headphones with ANC and Spatial Dirac Virtuo

Cleer Audio Alpha

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The full-size Alpha headphones, presented by Cleer Audio, impress with an abundance of technology. They are equipped with 40-mm speakers – branded Ironless, equipped with composite magnets from an alloy of rare earth elements. Alphas handle the 20 Hz – 40 kHz range using an analog cable connection. The cable is included.

According to the specifications, the use of Bluetooth version 5.1 reduced the upper limit to 20 kHz, but allowed the use of codecs like SBC and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive. In telephony mode, a pair of microphones with Qualcomm CVC beamforming technology are involved, and the headphones are connected to several devices via Bluetooth. An interesting addition was the support of Dirac Virtuo surround sound headphones.

Alpha’s Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation includes a noise-transmission mode. Touch control is complemented by sensors that detect when the headphones are taken off or put back on – the system, respectively, pauses or resumes playback. Full sound customization, controls, and firmware updates are available via the Cleer + mobile app.

With all of the above functionality, Cleer Audio Alpha is ready to work 35 hours on a single charge, for which the included USB-C cable will come in handy. Just 10 minutes of fast charging will add another 4 hours of playtime. In addition to a pair of cables and an “airplane” adapter, the set of headphones also includes a carrying case. The Cleer Audio Alpha itself weighs 330 g.

In the US, Cleer Audio Alpha headphones will cost $ 250.

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