Corsair launches VIRTUOSO PRO premium headphones for gaming and streaming


The CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO are a new proposal for high-end headphones for gamers and content creators . A state-of-the-art peripheral that rivals studio references in quality.

CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO, surprising design and realistic audio

The famous company CORSAIR presents you the new PRO reference of the magnificent range of VIRTUOSO gaming headphones . A proposal that breaks the classic schemes in the conception of this type of peripherals and that promises professional sound performance.

Product characteristics

What the firm specializing in accessories for enthusiasts offers you are open headphones for gaming and streaming . The VIRTUOSO PRO  feature the most advanced graphene transducer technology , in a striking open design , to give you realistic sound capable of matching studio headphones. It is an ideal model for broadcasting , playing or creating .

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The 50 mm transducers of this PRO model , being made of graphene , have greater rigidity than the standard ones. This virtually eliminates any sound distortion and provides much richer acoustics in addition to greater precision . The frequency range goes from 20 Hz to 40 kHz , with a sensitivity of 116 dBA .

More details of the headphones

The peripheral includes a removable omnidirectional microphone with noise cancellation and Elgato Wave Link technology for crystal-clear voice capture. The CORSAIR VIRTUOSO PRO are wired, using the classic 3.5 mm jack connector. Therefore, it is a device compatible with computers and Xbox Series X|S|One , PlayStation 5/4 or Nintendo Switch consoles .

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Open design leaves the headphone camera visible

This product has an aluminum chassis that gives strength and great lightness to the whole. It has an adjustable headband , and is covered with memory foam pads that increase the comfort of the peripheral. Its recommended price is 199.99 euros , and it is available in black and white.

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