Cougar Omnes Essential: Stylish wireless gaming headset

Cougar Omnes Essential
Cougar Omnes Essential

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Cougar Omnes Essential is a new proposal in headphones for gamers . A great-looking device that also promises great stereo sound and great wireless connectivity.

Cougar Omnes Essential, good sound and a lot of style

The Cougar company , after unveiling the premium Forza 85 heatsink , now presents a fundamental device for any gamer, the Omnes Essential wireless headphones . The peripheral seeks to honor its trade name by offering fundamental qualities that every gamer demands from this type of accessories.

Product characteristics

Being this model a device from the manufacturer’s entry range, it offers much more than what can be boasted at first. The handset has an approximate weight of 400 grams and dimensions of 220 x 188 x 105 mm . They guarantee excellent comfort, as they have vertical and horizontal axes for a perfect fit, complemented by extra thick foam padding.

Cougar Omnes Essential

For wireless use, the Omnes Essential headset employs a USB port dongle . Therefore, no software is needed to make them work, communicating on the 2.4 GHz band . The peripheral also has 3.5mm jack cable connectivity . And to mention that the microphone is detachable.

More details of the headphones

This peripheral has transducers of 53 mm , and is compatible with sound surround 7.1 simulated through Windows Sonic . On the transducers, comment on some data such as their sensitivity of 100 ± 3 dB and impedance of 32 Ohms with a frequency response between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz . For its part, the microphone that this product has is a cardioid type with a sensitivity of -47 ± 3 dB .

Cougar has provided a long-lasting battery in the device , capable of providing a range of up to 20 hours without the lighting activated. And it is that as a good product for gamers it has a touch of RGB . The autonomy is reduced to 12 hours of use with the lighting in operation, but it can be easily deactivated using a dedicated button. Note that the device has fast charging technology through the USB-C port .

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