Denon PerL: TWS headphones with spatial sound

Denon PerL ‒ TWS headphones with spatial sound
Denon PerL ‒ TWS headphones with spatial sound

Denon presented new TWS headphones that promise a new level of sound in a similar format.

The headphones were named PerL and PerL Pro, which is an acronym for “Personalized Listening”, so even in the name of the model, the manufacturer emphasizes personalized sound. Both models will support Masimo’s patented function AAT (Adaptive Acoustic Technology).


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Thanks to Masimo’s accumulated experience in medical technology, the AAT function is designed to automatically measure your hearing and create a customized profile for you by measuring weak otoacoustic emissions (OAEs). By analyzing these OAEs, your ear’s sensitivity to different frequencies is determined, and Denon PerL’s AI-based app automatically adapts the sound to give you a more personalized sound profile.

As for sound quality, Denon claims “CD-like sound reproduction.” To this end, PerL Pro supports the Qualcomm AptX Lossless audio format and also surround sound thanks to Dirac Virtuo technology. The Pro also supports Bluetooth 5.3, adding aptX Adaptive, aptX Classic, AAC and SBC.


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The cheaper standard PerL model also implements the AAT function, with Bluetooth 5.0 support and AAC, SBC and standard aptX codecs, but without surround sound support. The basic model of PerL also does not have the ability to connect two-way to multiple devices at the same time, but this feature is available in the premium model of PerL Pro.

With the PerL Pro, you can enjoy eight hours of continuous playback on a single charge, and the charging case provides a total of 32 hours of play time via USB-A to USB-C connection. Fast charging allows you to enjoy an hour of playback after a five-minute charge. In the standard model, in particular, the headphones will work for six hours from one charge, and the total working time of the charging case is 24 hours, fast charging is supported.


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Both models are equipped with ANC technology (active noise cancellation) and a transparent “social feedback” mode that allows partial penetration of sound from the outside. PerL Pro has eight microphones in its arsenal, while the standard PerL model has only four, which improves the quality of noise cancellation by automatically adjusting the attenuation level depending on the amount of ambient noise.

Currently, the headphones are available only for the US market, with global sales expected in the fall.

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