Dunu EST112: 4 Driver In-Ear Monitors with Triple Hybrid Design

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Dunu Top-Sound, also known simply as Dunu, has announced the EST112 multi-driver in-ducts. There are actually four sound sources in these headphones, but there are three types of emitters.

A third-generation dynamic 13.5mm driver with beryllium-coated diaphragm is responsible for the low frequency range. It was complemented by custom reinforcement Knowles – it fulfills the mid-high frequencies. A pair of Sonion electrostatic drivers is responsible for the high frequency range.

All of this is enclosed in an aluminum alloy body with a scratch-resistant anodized finish. Outside, the cases are complemented by stainless steel bezels. The DUW-02S cable is made of braided silver-plated copper litzedrate.

It features Dunu’s patented modular quick-change system. The owner of the headphones will receive interchangeable earbuds for three connection options: a standard unbalanced 3.5 mm plug or balanced 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm jack options.

With an impedance of about 10 ohms, the headphones are promised a frequency range of 5 Hz – 40 kHz and a sensitivity of 110 dB. Pre-order for the new product can be issued on March 27, and the official release of the headphones is scheduled for March 31.

The cost of Dunu EST112 in-ear headphones in the US will be $ 490.

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