DUNU SA6 MKII: 2. Gen reinforcing in-ear headphones

DUNU SA6 MKII: 2. Gen reinforcing in-ear headphones

DUNU has launched the SA6 MKII headphones, the second generation of the popular SA6 in-ear monitors.

ImageEach earpiece has six Sonion and Knowles armature transducers arranged in a three-way configuration . Their joint work is ensured by a precision crossover filter and three independent waveguides.

ImageThe body of the headphones is 3D printed from transparent synthetic resin, and the outer panel is made of natural wood. When setting up the sound of the new version, the developers sought to achieve a more natural sound in the upper part of the midrange, as well as better bass response.


Additional pressure on the bass can be obtained using a special two-position switch, for this you need to turn it to the ON position. The included detachable Hulk Pro Mini cable has pure copper conductors and a universal connector with interchangeable 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm mini-jacks . The sensitivity of the headphones is 114 dB , the nominal impedance is 24 ohms .

ImageDUNU SA6 MKII in-ear armature headphones are available for order in the international market at a price of 579 US dollars .

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