Edifier Comfo Fit: Open TWS headphones with a power reserve of 45 hours

Edifier Comfo Fit
Edifier Comfo Fit

Edifier has released new open, fully wireless headphones Comfo Fit , which have a powerful built-in battery.

The model can work up to 9 hours on one charge ; the charging case adds another 36 hours . Thus, the total battery life reaches 45 hours . The headphones are equipped with a noise reduction system with two microphones, as well as a special directional waveguide that ensures privacy during calls. The acoustic part is built on an 18 x 11 mm emitter; the model uses a Bluetooth adapter version 5.3, which guarantees a signal delay of no higher than 80 ms in game mode .


The weight of one earphone is 8.8 grams ; secure fastening is ensured by anatomically shaped ear hooks. The headphones are IP54 certified for dust and moisture resistance.

Edifier Comfo Fit completely wireless headphones go on sale in the Chinese market at a price of 499 yuan.