Edifier NeoBuds Pro S: Headphones with Snapdragon Sound

Edifier has introduced an updated version of NeoBuds Pro headphones . The name of the BUDS received an additional letter S.

If we talk about internal changes, the main one is support for the Snapdragon Sound platform . It provides the NeoBuds Pro S wireless model with the sound quality of wired headphones. Unfortunately, you can feel this only if the novelty is paired with devices that support SS technology.


Also, drivers have been updated in NeoBuds Pro S – now they are reinforcing emitters from Knowles . Latency in game mode – 89 ms. In standalone mode, the headphones can work up to 7 hours without activated noise reduction. Another 16 hours of work will add a charging case.

The cost of new items are 179 US dollars.