FiiO FA7S: Six-Unit Moving Iron In-Ear Headset


FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., launched the FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron in-ear headphones based on six balanced diaphragm drivers.

The developers used Knowles HODVTEC-31618 emitters for low frequencies, Knowles RAD-33518 for high frequencies and DIBEI db646006 for mid frequencies in the FA7S, “each creature in pairs.” According to the manufacturer, they use a three-way crossover with a 2 + 2 + 2 design.

TTX FiiO FA7S indicate that the new product can reproduce the frequency range from 10 Hz to 40 kHz. As a result, the FiiO FA7S 6 is adorned with the Hi-res Audio logo.

The FiiO FA7S has an impedance of 18 ohms and a sensitivity of 111 dB. These in-ear headphones can be used seamlessly with a wide range of sources. They naturally reach their full potential with high quality headphone amplifiers.

One FiiO FA7S monitor weighs only 8.4 g, of course, without a cable. The FiiO FA7S uses a 316L stainless steel body, a material certified for medical use. This case is 3D printed using a laser sintering process. Stylish appearance is achieved with CNC-milled lines on the outside and PVD surface coating. FiiO FA7S is available in black and gold, as well as silver and blue.

The cable is detachable and uses the familiar MMCX connector. Not for the first time, it is a high-purity silver-plated single-crystal copper wire with a complex structure of eight strands of 152 conductors each and has a practical length of 1.2 meters. The manufacturer equipped it with interchangeable twist-lock plugs according to the Fabrilous patent, according to which 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, 2.5 mm stereo mini-jack and 4.4 mm PENTACONN are available. FiiO FA7S can be connected both asymmetrically and symmetrically, depending on the version of the source device.

In the FiiO FA7S, a variety of ear tips have been added in a variety of shapes, materials, uses and sizes: three “balanced” ear tips (S, M and L) are available, as well as three “low-frequency” tips (S, M and L, three ” vocal earbuds (S, M, and L), three foam eartips (M), and double flanged eartips (M). Cleaning tool is also included, as well as a tool to easily disconnect the MMCX connector from the cable. It’s all packaged in a sturdy transport case made of transparent plastic.

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