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FiiO FH5s: New details on the hybrid in-ear headphones from FiiO

As we previously reported , FiiO has announced the release of the new FiiO FH5s , which features a hybrid design using different types of radiators for different frequency bands. Now the technical characteristics and the likely price of the novelty have become known.

FiiO FH5s

Recall that the acoustic part of the model has a three-way configuration, in which four drivers are involved – two dynamic and two reinforcing. The first of these, responsible for low frequencies, has a 12 mm diaphragm coated with beryllium. The second dynamic emitter operates at the midrange, and its beryllium-coated membrane is 6 mm in size . The high-frequency range is sounded by two Knowles TWFK-30017 reinforcing emitters . The nominal impedance of the headphones is 40 ohms , the sensitivity is 106 dB .

FiiO FH5s

The headphone housings are machined from an aluminum-magnesium alloy and have a semi-open design, the grilles on the outside help equalize the pressure in the internal chambers and help reduce resonances. The developers named this solution TRISHELL . The Crossover has three switches that allow the listener to customize the sound to their liking.

FiiO FH5s

The earbuds come with a wide range of ear cushions in different sizes and materials, so that the user will have no difficulty in choosing the earpieces. The kit also includes a silver-plated copper litz wire with replaceable connectors – 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm or 4.4 mm.

FiiO FH5s

The FiiO FH5s has an estimated retail price of around 280 euros .

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