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FiiO JD1 and JT1: New affordable in-ear and full-size headphones

FiiO JD1 and JT1 are new affordable in-ear and full-size headphones
FiiO JD1 and JT1 are new affordable in-ear and full-size headphones

Once again, FiiO and Jade Audio have collaborated to create the J series headphones, which are highly appreciated by users for their simple and elegant styling and excellent sound quality at a low price.

FiiO JD1

Amongst the plethora of headphone options currently on the market, the new dynamic JD1 headphones look like a breath of fresh air. The JD1s provide a great way to start your journey into the world of HiFi, offering high quality sound from a trusted brand at an affordable price.



As an entry-level product, FiiO JD1 not only focuses on sound quality, but also offers a universal HiFi experience for every user. JD1 are designed with more practical features in mind:

  • • for gamers – a cable with a microphone is included, which allows you to quickly exchange information with your team, and the precise positioning of the JD1 sound gives you an advantage over enemies;
  • • monitoring and working with sound – the sound is uncolored and detailed so you can fine-tune the audio in your compositions;
  • • an immersive movie experience – professionally tuned sound means rich bass and a large soundstage for better immersion in entertainment;
  • • HiFi enjoyment – music sounds truly high-quality with highly detailed, low-distortion and smooth sound.



Despite its entry-level status, the JD1 has the quality of FiiO’s top-tier “Pro” products:

  • • 10-mm LCP dynamic driver ‒ thanks to its lightness and high stiffness, this driver is able to provide rich and powerful bass;
  • • asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuits – effectively increase the density of the magnetic field around the voice coil, resulting in a more powerful and reliable sound, as well as improved response.

The JD1 follows the industrial design of FiiO’s other products and features magnesium alloy housings and zinc alloy shells, a detachable 0.78 2pin cable, two color options, and three pairs of ear tips included.


FiiO JT1


The FiiO JT1 uses a 50mm dynamic driver built around a PEK+PU+aluminum polymer diaphragm, which were carefully selected after evaluating numerous materials. The lightness of the driver allows it to move quickly to reproduce the smallest details. Backed by a brass gasket, it also provides low distortion and extended frequency response.



The JT1s feature high-performance N52 magnets, a high-voltage CCAW voice coil, and a carefully designed driver diaphragm to deliver natural and accurate sound.

With the JT1 , FiiO focuses less on looks and more on the acoustic components, so listeners get a great-sounding pair of headphones at a great price that lowers the barriers to high-quality HiFi sound.

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