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FiiO JH5 is the evolution of hybrid headphones

FiiO JH5
FiiO JH5

The FiiOxJadeAudio product line has always been noted for its high performance-to-cost ratio and high build quality, providing audiophiles with affordable yet quality listening devices. The new FiiO JH5 is the latest result of FiiO and Jade Audio’s years of audio expertise. The high-precision 3D printed construction and exquisite zinc alloy shells are an expression of the high-class craftsmanship that has been integrated into the JH5, giving them a luxurious look that you will immediately notice.



The acoustic design of the JH5 is taken from the design elements of high-end IEMs such as the FiiO FH9 and FH7, with the aim of presenting music of various genres in a high-quality manner. At the heart of the JH5 is a 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver that mates with specially designed balanced armature drivers covering the mid and high frequencies. The FiiO JH5 offers a very accurate sound that lets you experience just how good a combination of speaker and BA can be.



The JH5’s 10mm dynamic driver is similar to those used in FiiO’s popular “Little Conch” headphone series. However, this driver has been further tuned, making it a second generation model that has been designed to work well with the rest of the acoustic design. The carbon-based dynamic driver can move quickly, resulting in excellent transit performance; all with minimal driver bleed-through resulting in reduced nonlinear distortion.



In order to ensure the interaction of the dynamic driver with armature radiators, the development team had to take design ideas from high-end hybrid headphones such as the FH9 and FH7. Two special BA drivers are responsible for the mid and high frequencies, and they have been specially designed together with the dynamic driver to have a resonant peak at 2.8 kHz, which is the resonant frequency formed by the shape of the human ear. The result is not only a smooth transition between the dynamic and armature driver, but that the transition between them also fits well with the shape of the human ear – resulting in a more natural soundstage and overall smoothness of sound.



The development team also saw fit to equip the JH5 with two dedicated high frequency (UHF) BA drivers. These two UHF drivers were placed closer to the driver – which itself had to be thicker on the inside, shorter in length and have a slight curvature. The result of this design is the ability of the FiiO JH5 to extend the high frequencies well, and skillfully reproduce the ultra-high frequencies. You will feel every pull of the strings of the instrument as you get closer to the performance of the music.



The FiiO JH5 comes with a high-purity silver-plated copper cable. 392 filaments in 14 bundles of 7 cores with independent insulation and Litz braiding, which increases the conductive area and improves high frequency detail.


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