Final Audio ZE3000: Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition earbuds

Final Audio ZE3000
Final Audio ZE3000

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The Japanese company S’Next has released ZE3000 headphones under its Final Audio brand. The novelty was called the classic version of a completely wireless audiophile-level model. She continued the technology of the wired E3000 and, according to the company, is designed to “create a sound that is pleasant to listen to.”

The ZE3000 is IPX4 water-resistant, thanks to the f-LINK damping system that optimizes the pressure in the acoustic space inside the fully sealed enclosure.

In addition, the ZE3000 gets a newly developed f-Core for Wireless driver, which the company says delivers ultra-low distortion. Interestingly, its diaphragm, unlike the vast majority of analogues, is made like large compression speakers: a rigid membrane in a silicone external suspension. As a result, according to the developers, a 6mm bass driver is equivalent to a 10mm analog.

The comfort of the ZE3000 comes with a set of specially designed TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition eartips in five sizes: SS/S/M/L/LL. The body of the headphones touches the ear at three points, which should provide a comfortable fit and fit any ear. Management novelty – touch. Wireless transmission is based on Qualcomm chipset based on Bluetooth 5.2 with support for SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive codecs.


Each earbud’s own 35mAh battery will provide up to 7 hours of continuous playback, and the charging case can add four more charges. Its battery is almost ten times larger – 300 mAh. The ZE3000 headphones are available in two colors: black or white, in a Premium Shibo finish, reminiscent of the coating on high-end camera parts.

The Final Audio ZE3000 TWS headphones are already available in the US for $150.

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