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Formlabs 3D prototype of Sennheiser AMBEO headphones

Formlabs , a leading manufacturer of precision stereolithography of 3D-printers and consumables, and a division of Sennheiser AMBEO developed customized headphones prototype.

The companies have joined forces to develop a manufacturing method that will allow customers to customize their earbuds to fit their ears. Custom-made 3D-printed earbud prototypes further enhance the immersive audio experience.

Customers can now scan their ear using their smartphone, replacing the more traditional and complex impression process. Scanning can be done with the Headrables3D app in less than a minute. This is made possible by the use of artificial intelligence, which improves scan quality and recreates parts of the ear that could not be captured with the phone. The image is then sent directly to a cloud-based machine learning system, which in a matter of seconds converts the scanned ear shape into a unique headphone model ready to be 3D printed on a Formlabs printer. With this method, customers can easily get custom earbuds and delivery times are reduced from four days to one.

Formlabs automated manufacturing enables massive customization in the industry. Now with the automation of multiple Form 3B printers and processes based on integrated digital workflows, there is a simple solution that allows you to mass print custom-made headphones at an affordable price.


More info – Formlabs

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