FOSTEX unveils TH616 Limited anniversary headphones

Limited anniversary FOSTEX headphones

Introducing the TH616 open-back over-ear headphones with solid walnut ear cups, released in honor of the brand’s 50th anniversary. They will go on sale in Japan in a limited edition on October 26 at a recommended price of 154,000 yen (a little more than $1000.). The company traditionally does not disclose the volume of production (it will probably depend on demand).

The driver is 50 mm in diameter with a diaphragm made of Biodyna proprietary material, which is made from biocellulose with the addition of other types of fibers to achieve the specified properties. Magnetic system – with a magnetic field induction of 1 Tesla. The metal parts of the headband and cups are made of aluminum.

Frequency range 5 Hz – 45 kHz, impedance 25 Ohms, sensitivity 96 dB, maximum input power 1800 mW. Weight without cable – 370 g.

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