Genesis Neon 600 RGB: A stylish new gaming headset

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The Genesis Neon 600 RGB gaming headphones seek to attract gaming enthusiasts by sporting an eye-catching and colorful design, making them irresistible at a price tag.

Genesis Neon 600 RGB, gaming sound with lots of vibrant colors

There are many gaming headsets on the market, but not as many with a white finish as the Razer Opus X Mercury . That is why it is good news that the Genesis brand incorporates the attractive Neon 600 RGB reference in its catalog of peripherals , with two versions to choose from, including the white design.

 Product characteristics

Whether in the standard black finish , or the less common pure white finish , the product boasts an RGB lighting system located around its domes. The extra color of its lights allows the user to personalize the device, without the need to install software on the computer. This peripheral has a button with which to select between nine backlight modes and one of its five fixed or rainbow colors .

Genesis Neon 600 RGB in white finish

The Genesis product offers ergonomics adaptable to the contour of the player’s head. The flexible headband allows a comfortable fit. The materials used by the manufacturer contribute to this: high-quality leather .

More details of the headset

The Neon 600 RGB features large 50mm drivers to ensure clear sound . They are capable of delivering very powerful bass and allow for complete immersion in games. The peripheral includes an omni-directional microphone with a flexible arm to adjust it to the position of each player’s taste.

The connectivity is done in the traditional way by connector jack 3,5mm . This makes it valid for all types of platforms: from PC to different consoles. It is a braided cable that ensures greater durability and measures 2.3 meters . Those interested in the Neon 600 RGB can purchase it at a price of 39.90 euros .

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