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Grado has partnered with the Pokémon Center to unveil a limited edition headphone

To combine functionality and design, Grado has built a new ventilation system in the shape of a pokeball. The original design of the Poké Ball ventilation system echoes the recognizable features of the Grado headphones . The sound quality matched the design, the company could not allow such an iconic product to have at least some weaknesses.

The sound of metal. Headphones Pikachu

The aluminum Poké Ball headphones are made from a wooden Poké Ball that combines metal and maple. The latter pair features a wooden Pikachu medallion paired with black aluminum.

Signature sound

Each speaker is tuned to the cabinet material and individually matched to ensure sound consistency as the company strives to find the perfect balance between cabinet material and speaker. This process allows the headphones to take full advantage of the maple wood color and effect, as well as the clarity and visualization of metal.

Handmade in Brooklyn

All Pokémon Center x Grado headphones are handcrafted in Brooklyn. Each model undergoes multilevel testing to ensure it meets the company’s high standards.

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