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Grado Prestige Series X: An updated line of legendary headphones

Grado has presented an updated line of its Prestige Series. The fourth generation of the SR60-325 headphones is now with the X in the name, and technologically represents the embodiment of seventy years of development experience of the company.

Grado SR 60x


SR 60x – Impressive soundstage in inexpensive headphones. Initial model of the line. Provide the best sound quality in their price range and prove that Grado sound will never be out of reach.

The specially tuned 4th generation drivers feature a powerful magnetic circuit, a reduced effective mass voice coil and a redesigned diaphragm.

Grado SR 80x


The SR 80x are considered one of the iconic Grado models for their soundstage, world-renowned mid-range and speed. The first generation of the model was released in 1991, since then the design has remained practically unchanged.

4th generation Grado drivers, new diaphragm, redesigned 44mm driver components increase efficiency, reduce distortion and maintain harmonic integrity for your music.

The driver and enclosure, working in tandem, respond to sound vibrations and virtually eliminate transient distortion. Full-bodied vocals and excellent dynamics complement the musical characteristics that are unleashed by the SR80x’s exceptional clarity and wide range.

Grado SR 125x


SR 125x – Updated drivers, custom emitter tuning for this model, hand-assembled, redesigned headband and cable. Everything for the clean, signature Grado sound to reveal new notes and details in familiar tracks.

Grado SR 225x


The SR225x and SR125x have vied with each other for decades. The SR225x is a more advanced model that uses the new F ear cushions for a more textured sound. The driver works in unison to create a unique sound and be as fast as the SR125x

Grado SR 325x


With its metal body, the SR325x gives your music a surgical precision not found in the rest of the Prestige series. Better mapping of the space between instruments gives you a clearer picture of your music in their soundstage.

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