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HarmonicDyne Athena: Dynamic ceramic-metal diaphragm headphones

The HarmonicDyne Athena semi-closed headphones feature new dynamic drivers featuring innovative 50mm ceramic-metal diaphragms .


Unlike most composite diaphragms used in headphones, the membranes in the HarmonicDyne Athena were not obtained by depositing a layer of metal on a polymer substrate, but by creating a full-fledged alloy of metal and carbon-ceramic fibers.


The voice coil is wound with the thinnest wire, and a powerful magnetic system ensures high sensitivity of the system. Semi-closed acoustic design with slotted ports on the sides of the cups helps to more evenly distribute the airflow around the driver. When adjusting the sound, a slight rise of 3 dB was deliberately made in the area below 200 Hz .


The ear cups are made of metal and plastic, while the outer panel is made of extra strong glass. The detachable cable is equipped with a 3.5 mm connector, the cores in it are made of single-crystal copper, and a dense outer jacket helps to effectively deal with mechanical noise. The sensitivity of the headphones is 116.5 dB , the impedance is 34 ohms , the model weighs 320 grams .


The HarmonicDyne Athena Dynamic Headphones can be ordered online for $179 excluding shipping.

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