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HiBy Yvain: New three-way armature headphones launched

HiBy company has released Yvain in-ear headphones , built on armature drivers organized in a three-way configuration.


Each earphone contains four armature drivers – a bass driver from Knowles , two midrange drivers from Sonion and one high frequency driver from Knowles . The matching of the emitters is ensured by a passive crossover filter, as well as by precisely calculated acoustic volumes in which each driver is enclosed. The headphone housings are made of hypoallergenic synthetic resin, and the outer panel is made of aluminum.


It bears the image of a lion, in honor of the hero of the medieval knightly novel “Ivain, or the Knight with the Lion ,” after whom the headphones are named. The model is equipped with a detachable cable with monocrystalline silver cores and a modular connector on which three different mini-jacks can be installed – 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm. The sensitivity of the model is 116 dB , the nominal resistance is 23 Ohms .


HiBy Yvain In-Ear Armature Headphones are now available for sale starting at US$239 .

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