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Hidizs MD4: In-ear armature headphones with customizable sound

Hidizs MD4
Hidizs MD4

The Hidizs brand has launched a new model of MD4 in-ear headphones with a three-way design.

Each headphone has four branded reinforcing radiators, two of which reproduce the low-frequency range, and one each is designed for midrange and treble. A separation filter is responsible for their coordinated work, at the level of which the possibility of adjusting the sound to the listener’s preferences is additionally provided. Using the switches located on the case, you can form the desired curve, you can choose from four settings – Balanced, Warm, Treble, Bass .


The headphone housings are made of aluminum alloy, the plate covering the acoustic volume is plated in rose gold. Detachable cable with 0.78mm bipolar plug and 3.5mm mini-jack has Oxygen Free Copper and Silver strands, comes with a leather storage case and nine pairs of ear pads. The sensitivity of the model is 102 dB , the impedance is 8 ohms .


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