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Hifiman Audivina: Closed isodynamic headphones with wooden cups

Hifiman Audivina
Hifiman Audivina

Hifiman has released a top-of – the-line Audivina planar headphone designed for home use.

The headphones have a closed acoustic design and a low sensitivity of 97 dB , however, a low impedance of 20 ohms makes them an acceptable load even for not the most powerful amplifiers. The headband is made from a combination of aluminum and genuine leather.


The proprietary isodynamic radiator features an ultra-thin NEO Supernano membrane and a Stealth magnetic system for optimal airflow. The headphone cups are completely made of natural wood and varnished, the model weighs 470 grams . Three cables are included with the headphones – with 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm connectors and a four-pin XLR .

ImageThe ear pads are covered with natural leather and filled with memory foam.

Hifiman Audivina planar headphones sell for US$2,000 in the US market .

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