HiFiMan announced the new affordable HiFiMan HE400se Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones using single-ended drivers with increased efficiency of up to 91 dB.

“The HE400se is the result of our in-depth study of planar magnetic design to create headphones with a wide soundstage and detailed picture at a price affordable to almost every music lover in a smart portable device, regardless of source, in high definition, with an audio player or a regular smartphone.” stated in HiFiMan.

The HE400se is designed for extended listening sessions, 30% lighter than comparable headphones. Additional comfort is provided by a redesigned headband and hybrid beveled ear pads. Thanks to their design with different thicknesses, they ensure an even fit without too much pressure.

The headphones offer all the recognized qualities of ultra-wide soundstage and detailed sound reproduction at a mainstream price.

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