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Hyland Eclipse / Venus: Handcrafted Headphones with closed and open wooden cases

Hyland Headphones, whose headphones, in its own words, are “made by hand in the UK by audiophiles for audiophiles”, presented two premium models at once: Eclipse and Venus.

Hyland Eclipse – closed-back headphones, Hyland Venus – open-back. Both models received wooden cups (the Eclipse uses a dual-chamber acoustic structure), as well as memory foam ear cushions and a sheepskin shell. The headband bows are designed in the same way.

The Eclipse and Venus models are based on large 50mm drivers with a classic “universal” impedance of 32 ohms. That is, with the declared sensitivity of 98 dB, the headphones should be well combined even with a low-power “portable”.


Both models are promised low distortion in the 20 Hz – 17.5 kHz frequency range with ± 10 dB flatness. The figures reflect the smooth roll-off at high frequencies noted by the manufacturer.


The leader of the company, Alex Hyland, promised in every case “the sound that never tires, but at the same time is extremely detailed, with excellent separation and visualization, equal to any headphone in its price class.”

Special attention in the new products of Hyland Headphones is paid to design. For example, for Eclipse, you can choose a creamy white Maple cup with a dark red Padauk top, or alternatively, a dark Panga Panga cup with gold flecks combined with a “beautiful wavy ash pattern”. And Venus is complemented by “hybrid” ear cushions.

Both new Hyland Headphones also come with a 1.6m NLovell Cables terminating in a 3.5mm stereo jack with a 1/4 ” adapter. Eclipse and Venus are already available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website.

In the UK, the Hyland Headphones Eclipse will cost £ 850 and the Venus £ 650.

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