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Jabra launches Enhance Plus earphones to improve hearing

Jabra launches Enhance Plus earphones to improve hearing

Part of the Jabra GN Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, and one of the results of their interaction become headphones Jabra Enhance Plus. This is a completely wireless model that copes with all the functions of conventional headphones, but at the same time is able to improve problematic hearing.

At the same time, when compared with conventional TWS headphones, the Jabra Enhance Plus turned out to be one and a half to two times less than the well-known Jabra Elite 75t . The novelty has received several switchable modes.

These are adaptive listening mode, which automatically adjusts the system to the acoustic environment, focus mode (using microphones in directional beam mode) and surround mode, which Jabra says allows you to better hear any surround sound.

The Enhance Plus model is equipped with ear tips of different sizes and is waterproof to the IP52 standard. The headphones will work on their own for 10 hours without recharging, and the charging case will allow you to replenish their energy supply twice more.

Jabra launches Enhance Plus earphones to improve hearing

There are two color options for Enhance Plus: dark gray and golden beige. Jabra shared its expectation that Enhance Plus will be available in “select hearing care clinics” in the US by the end of the year. The cost of the new model has not yet been announced.

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