JVC HA-FW1000T: Fully wireless in-ear headphones with Professional Sound


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JVC introduced the HA-FW1000T fully wireless in-ear headphones. In a press release, it is said that the main feature of this model is the wooden 11-mm speakers.

Diffusers HA-FW1000T, in addition to the carbon fiber coating, received an outer layer of natural wood with a thickness of several micrometers. According to the manufacturer, the use of natural material has helped improve transient response and reduce distortion by absorbing unwanted vibrations and internal resonances by the wood layer. The result is “exceptionally natural and expressive sound with high detail and record low distortion.”

Wood cone technology has been used in the JVC Wood series of headphones for over 10 years. The HA-FW1000T is the first implementation of this technology in a fully wireless headphone format.


In addition to the wood-coated diffusers, the model features one-piece stainless steel housings with integrated acoustic lenses. The manufacturer also noted that sound engineers from the Japanese Victor Studio were involved in the creation of the novelty – specialists were engaged in sound tuning.

The headphones support Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive technology to transmit a signal from a smartphone in a resolution of up to 24 bit / 96 kHz. And when using a standard Bluetooth connection (with SBC / AAC / aptX codecs), K2 Technology is automatically activated in the headphones, which can make the sound richer.

Noteworthy is the fact that the headphones are equipped with a hybrid active noise canceling system, which automatically adjusts to the environment. There is also a Touch & Talk function that mutes music and triggers a transparency mode for external sounds.


The maximum operating time of the earbuds (including the supply of the charging case) was 27 hours. You can recharge the headphones for 1.5 hours in 10 minutes, a full charge will be 2.5 hours. In addition to the case, the set includes interchangeable Spiral Dot Pro tips in five sizes.

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