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Kinera Skuld: Hand Painted True Wireless Earbuds from Norway

The Norwegian company Kinera has announced the release of incredibly beautiful in-ear headphones that will be marketed under the name Kinera Skuld . Kinera designed all of its headphones inspired by mythological characters. According to Norse mythology, Skuld is the youngest of the three goddesses of fate we know as Norn : she is also known as the Goddess of the Future .

Kinera Skuld TWS headphones

For an impressive natural sound, each pair of headphones is equipped with five reinforcement drivers per channel – three Knowles BA drivers and two tunable BA Kinera drivers .

This pair has a smooth reference level sonic response, making it the perfect choice for judging and listening to music. Composite block BA 1×2 Kinera SWFK-31736 provides flat response in the high frequency region. The Knowles RAF-32873 BA 2×2 composite block is used in the mid-range . The low-frequency region is served by the Knowles CI-22955 BA unit .

Kinera Skuld TWS headphones

Kinera supplies TWS-headphones Skuld with a premium range of accessories, including high-quality adapter 4,4-3,5 mm and 4,4-2,5 mm. Includes premium Final audio Type-E ear tips and a set of silicone and foam ear tips. The novelty is available in stores for $ 550 .


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