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Koss TWS250i: Truly wireless with neutral sound

Koss TWS250i
Koss TWS250i

The Koss TWS250i are true wireless earphones from a truly “earphone” brand.

The novelty received built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to six hours of listening or talking. The charging process takes place in the charging case included in the kit; The built-in rechargeable battery provides approximately three additional charge cycles (approximately 20 hours).

The headphones are IPX5 certified and thus must withstand “water jets from any angle” and “dust in harmful amounts”. So if you get caught in a sandstorm combined with a downpour with the TWS250i in your ears, which is not all that unlikely in this day and age of climate change, you can continue to listen to them without voiding your warranty.

Although the TWS250i differs from the younger model TWS150i in just one number in the name, there is almost no visual similarity. The body of the TWS250i is more like a small fat bean. With a length of only 2.3 centimeters (height about 1.5 centimeters), they may not protrude from the ear. Accordingly, a small and charging case. It is powered by a USB-C connector.

The back of both earbuds works as a touch control panel, launching a range of functions. Various combinations of single and multiple touches and taps can be triggered: on/off, volume +/-, play/pause, forward/backward, call answer/hang up and voice control call. Moreover, most commands can be run the same way on both sides.

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