Leak: Bose will release QuietComfort 45 headphones soon

QuietComfort 45

As is often the case, data on the preparation for the release of the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones leaked from the filing for the new product filed with the FCC. Here you can also see a photo of the product from two angles.

So far, there is little information. It can only be argued that the design of the two models – QC45 and QC35 – will not differ much. This is quite logical: the Bose QC35, which appeared in 2016, turned out to be very successful.

The headphones did not receive any major upgrades in the future. A year after their release, they got an additional Google Assistant button – that’s all the improvements. Even the microUSB connector was not changed to USB-C.

QuietComfort 45

It is worth remembering that around the same time , the more expensive model of Bose 700 headphones came out . The Bose QC35 headphones are still available in the original version. The new QC45, in turn, will certainly receive USB-C and more. What exactly – it will be known soon.

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