LG FA4: TWS earbuds with England branding for Euro 2020 qualifier


English fans who came June 11 on the qualifying match of the European championship in 2020, will boost morale through headphones with patriotic symbols: the wireless model LG FA4 came specially for this event as official headphone England national football team. The charging case has a blue coat of arms with three lions, the word “England” is printed on the headphones themselves in red and blue.

LG FA4 1

You shouldn’t be ashamed of the sound of the novelty either: the work of specially created drivers is optimized according to Meridian technologies. One touch of the touch panel on the headphones can turn on the noise transmission mode. An additional microphone in each of the earbuds is designed to provide echo and noise cancellation during conversation.

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The total battery life of the kit using the charging case for LG FA4 will be 18 hours: the case will last exactly two charges, and fully charged headphones will work up to six hours. A five-minute charge will add 45 minutes to the operating time. The earbuds are IPX4 waterproof and sweat resistant and come with three pairs of silicone earbuds of different sizes.

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In the UK, the LG FA4 headphones are already on sale for £ 100.

More info about LG FA4 can be found here. 

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