Logitech launches new Zone Wireless 2 headphones for work

Logitech Zone Wireless 2

Logitech has announced the release of the second generation of wireless on-ear headphones, Zone Wireless 2 , aimed at use in the workplace.

The headphones have received Microsoft Teams certification and were specifically designed to work with Zoom, Google Meet and others. When creating the headphones, the developers used recycled materials – all plastic and metal elements of the model are made from recycled materials. The ear pads and built-in battery can be replaced as needed.


The headphones have four microphones that provide communication, as well as a hybrid noise reduction system, which uses algorithms with elements of deep learning (AI). The model can connect to the signal source either via Bluetooth or via a special USB adapter. The model supports simultaneous connection to many sources and can instantly switch between them. When noise reduction is turned on, the headphones will work on a single charge for 15 hours ; without ANC, the battery life reaches 22 hours .

The Logitech Zone Wireless 2 headphones will be available in late October 2023 for a retail price of $299.

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