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Meze 109 Pro: New full-size headphones from the Romanian brand

Meze 109 Pro
Meze 109 Pro

Meze has released new full-size headphones, which are the first of the brand’s products to have an open design. They promise high detail and sound clarity.


The Meze 109 Pro are equipped with 50 mm dual-diaphragm drivers made of beryllium-coated polymer in a combination of cellulose composite with carbon fiber and copper-zinc alloy.

It is stated that this technology makes it possible to get rid of resonances that lead to harmonic distortions.

In addition, the 109 PRO comes with velor ear cushions and a headband that automatically adjusts to provide even pressure for any head shape. The housing of the headphones is made of high-strength alloy and walnut wood.


109 PRO is all about comfort – from the design of the headphones to the choice of materials, all decisions have been carefully considered to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards in terms of ergonomics. When you put the headphones on your head, they should disappear, leaving you with only the music.

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