Meze Audio Liric: Portable Closed-Back Planar Headphones

Meze Audio Liric

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Meze Audio said its Liric headphones use the same technology as the flagship Elite or the successful Empyrean , but on a smaller scale. This reduction made the headphones in the closed design quite portable. The full designation of the new item is Liric MZ4.

Meze Audio partner, Ukrainian company Rinaro Isodynamics, has created the Phase-XTM system, which is used in Liric. The headphones are equipped with an Isodynamic Hybrid Array isoplanar diaphragm weighing only 0.08 g – with an active area of ​​3,507 sq. mm.

The diaphragm is made of a specially developed isotropic thermo-stabilized polymer with a conductive layer. The declared parameters of the novelty are less than 0.15% of total harmonic distortion (THD) in the entire frequency range, which was 4 Hz – 92,000 kHz. In this case, the maximum sound pressure can exceed 130 dB. Portability will provide a low impedance of 30 ohms at a sensitivity of 100 dB.

Each Liric glass-fiber-reinforced, egg-shaped (this shape was judged to be the most acoustically feasible) polymer cup has a “fine-tuned” ventilation hole in the copper rim.

Meze assured that this pressure equalization system results in better airflow control, stabilized ear cup pressure, and airy, clear, detailed and natural sound.

The Liric headphone cases are crafted from a combination of magnesium and aluminum and are finished in leather. The product is hand-assembled at the Meze production site in Baia Mare, Romania. Design is an important part of Meze headphones.

In the case of the Liric, the style of the headphones has something in common with the impressions of old-school professional photography equipment. In addition, the manufacturer promised the new product “outstanding durability.”

In Europe, the cost of Meze Audio Liric headphones are 2,000 euros.

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