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Meze Audio Unveils 109 Pro Open Dynamic Headphones

Meze Audio Unveils 109 Pro, Its First Open Dynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Unveils 109 Pro, Its First Open Dynamic Headphones

Romanian manufacturer Meze Audio is preparing to release its first dynamic open-back headphones, the 109 Pro. The design of the headphones suggests that we are waiting for an open version of the 99 Classic, however, according to the company, this is more of a budget version of their own isodynamic High End models.

“With the 109 Pro, we have proudly achieved our goal of delivering the same level of craftsmanship as the Empyrean and Elite, but at a lower price point. We know that fans have high expectations of us, so when designing the 109 PRO, our goal was to create something that exceeds their expectations. We have focused most of our resources on acoustic development and I think we have achieved an excellent result.” — Mircea Fanatan, Managing Director of Meze Audio

Meze Audio Unveils 109 Pro

Meze Audio Unveils 109 Pro

The elegant body of the headphones is made of walnut wood, zinc and manganese steel. As with the 99 Classic, no glue is used for assembly, only bolts and nuts, allowing any part to be replaced in the event of wear or breakage.

The release of Meze Audio 109 Pro is scheduled for October 2022. The price has not been announced, it is expected to be higher than the 99 Classic but below $1,000.

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