Meze ELITE: The new isodynamic flagship


Meze has presented a new model of full-size headphones . Like the company’s previous flagship, Meze Empyrean , the headphones has received isodynamic drivers created in collaboration with Rinaro and premium body materials combined with a patented comfort headband technology. With innovative designs and technologies that complement each other perfectly and create pure emotion, these headphones are designed to transform every listening experience into a multi-sensory experience, according to the company’s founder and lead designer.

Meze ELITE received a milled aluminum body. Due to the intricate design, the fabrication of each frame takes about 20 hours and the final result is truly amazing. The headband is made of carbon plate with an additional headrest made of genuine leather. The materials were chosen not only for the thrilling sensation of their texture, but also for their comfort and durability. The design of the suspension wings support system has proven itself in the Empyrean model and allows for a long time to comfortably use the headphones despite their rather heavy weight.


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With a specially designed driver created by Rinaro Isodynamics, ELITE is the result of three years of research and development, during which Meze strives to create a powerful, realistic and immersive experience that awakens the listener’s senses.

The MZ3SE driver is based on the groundbreaking technology of the flagship MZ3 driver used in Empyrean headphones. The innovative Isodynamic Hybrid Array technology provides more selective acoustic performance in different areas in the ear structure. Advances in diaphragm materials have opened the door to even higher resolution and sound fidelity, setting a new standard in headphone design.

The use of different voice coil configurations in the Isodynamic Hybrid Array creates the ability to improve the distribution of sound intensity at high frequencies when directed towards the auricle and ear canal.

This solves a common problem with conventional planar magnetic arrays, where the reflected signals enter the ear canal with different time delays, thereby degrading the focusing of the three-dimensional sound image.

The use of dual coil arrays not only creates a balanced frequency response across the entire range, but also allows better targeting of frequencies in different areas of the ear, improving acoustic perception in the upper frequency range.

Switching coil

The switchback coil is more effective at reproducing low frequencies and is located at the top of the driver.

Spiral coil

The coil coil is more effective at reproducing mid and high frequencies and is located directly above the ear canal, allowing more direct sound waves to enter the ear without any time delay.


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Meze Elite headphones come with two uniquely shaped ear pads. The first, from Alcantara, 30 mm deep are identical to those installed in the Empyrean model. The second hybrid ear cushions in perforated Alcantara on the inside and genuine leather on the outside are designed to reduce the sound pressure of low frequencies and provide a unique sonic signature.

Headphones are available with a choice of cables: 2.5 m – 6.3 mm jack; 1.2 m – 3.5 mm jack; 2.5m – XLR. All wires are made of high quality oxygen-free copper.

Headphones and accessories are supplied in a high-strength aluminum case.

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