Meze LIRIC 2: Next-gen premium headphones launched

Meze Liric 2
Meze Liric 2

Romanian brand Meze Audio , the company behind such stylish headphones as the Meze 99 Classics and the luxurious Empyrean II , has introduced the second generation of Meze Liric headphones . The successor to the original Liric closed-back headphones, the second generation has been “designed with the utmost care to provide true music lovers with a balanced, warm and accurate sound”.


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The 2nd generation Liric headphones (let’s call them Liric 2 for simplicity) use planar-magnetic technology with an isodynamic hybrid array, which, combined with a closed design, “helps preserve the original clarity and emotion of music through improved sound and minimized external noise.”


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The Liric 2 also added a new “Wavelength Resonator Mask”, which is essentially a metal plate that covers individual openings in the driver frame to provide a smoother and more immersive listening experience.


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Partly in response to customer feedback on the original Liric model, the new headphones ditched the leather-trimmed ear cups of the first generation in favor of cups clad in striated ebony. These new bowls combine the texture of wood with a luxurious feel for greater durability and a luxurious aesthetic.


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Traditionally, the brand’s headphones are relatively easy to disassemble and replace the housing elements to extend the life of this precious product. In addition, the new headphones come with two hand-braided copper cables: 4.4 mm for portable players and headphone amplifiers, and a 3 m cable for “home listening”.

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