Minuendo Lossless: Earplugs with infinitely adjustable electro-acoustic hearing protection

Minuendo Lossless earplugs
Minuendo Lossless earplugs

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The earplugs offered by Minuendo look the most like TWS headphones. The company did not disclose the principle of operation of the plugs. The noise reduction of Minuendo Lossless can be smoothly adjusted from 7 to 25 dB by manually moving the knob.

Minuendo Lossless are designed primarily for use by musicians – the atmosphere at a concert or rehearsal cannot be called quiet. At the same time, Minuendo promised to reduce the volume without distortion – for musicians, this is a serious advantage over conventional earplugs.

Tom Trones, director of product and co-founder of Minuendo, said that his own experiences inspired him to create the Minuendo Lossless earplugs: “I played guitar in several loud bands, but the sound quality of cheap foam rubber earplugs just ruined the experience.” However, the novelty is quite suitable for any other situation when you just need to “make quieter”.

Minuendo Lossless comes with a large selection of ear tips, both silicone and memory foam. The manufacturer gave the earplugs a 10-year warranty. The earplugs themselves are passive: there is no electronics in them.

Minuendo Lossless earplugs cost $159 in the US.

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