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Mojawa Mojo 1: bone conducting headphones with a pair of earplugs included

Mojawa Mojo 1 headphones: bone conduction and a pair of earplugs included
Mojawa Mojo 1 headphones: bone conduction and a pair of earplugs included

At first, the sound of the Mojawa Mojo 1 headphones may seem unusual, because they use the principle of bone conduction: they touch the bones of the listener’s skull in the most accessible place – in the cheekbones.

Bone conduction is not very good for low frequencies, but Mojawa experts have assured that the new product is much better bass than its counterparts. The Mojo 1 is resistant to rain and other weather conditions thanks to the IP7 protection against water and sweat. In the center of the headband is a rear-facing reflector that makes the Mojo 1 wearer more visible when jogging or cycling at night.

Mojawa Mojo 1 received a Bluetooth 5.0 module with A2DP 1.3 and AVRCP 1.5 codecs. For telephone conversations, the HFP hands-free profile is used. The 150 mAh battery fully charges in an hour and a half and will provide the earbuds with about eight hours of use.

With the Mojo 1, unlike other headphones, you can hear everything around you without any problems. If this is not needed, the owner is provided with a pair of professional earplugs added to the kit. The headphones themselves are available in gray, black and green.

The Mojawa Mojo 1 headphones are already available in the US for $ 160.

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